Water, its meaning and sacredness

In this article I am sharing with you what the element of water means to me. Over the past month I have connected with water on a deeper level than ever before. First, at a shamanic seminar where we connected with 4 nature’s elements and we used the element of water to take away all our fears, blockages, insecurities and anger… then in the fairy tale Adršpach-Teplice rocks where we visited the spring of Metuje river. It bubbled out in a cave and we took the time to meditate, connect with the spring and honour it. Lastly, now after 9 months I am lucky to be by the sea again, fully enjoying its presence and energy of the magnificence water.

So, in the words below I am reflecting on the meaning and significance of water for me, at this very moment.


Water is moving and changing constantly.

It’s rarely static. Only when it’s contained in a closed small space, it might seem like it stopped moving, but who knows what’s going on underneath the calm still surface.

There might be fish and other creatures moving through the stillness of the water surface.

sea view.jpg


Often, I feel like the still surface of water – being very calm on the outside, while in my inner world there are thousands of things going on. Sometimes it feels like a rough stormy sea, attempting to find an order in the chaos. Other times it's pure tranquillity.

I think that’s the biggest reflection water can give us – it constantly changes and flows. So do our lives, our emotions, and thoughts evolve…

When observing water, be it a little stream, big river or ocean, we notice that it can find its way through every obstacle. It can go around, above, underneath… So can we find a way through every challenge life presents us with.  


Water according to shamanism represents emotions.

Water is fluid and so are our emotions.

Water is also spontaneous and chaotic.

Chaos – from the Greek word khaos meaning “orderless confusion”, can be also understood as an unexpressed potential of all there is.

Chaos gives us an opportunity for creativity and stepping out of the well-trodden path.

I love chaos when I give myself permission to be in such state. When I let go of the organization… ambitions… the result oriented mindset. Then I get into the state of flow in which I can experience the real essence of life with its depth.


Taken from pexels.com

Taken from pexels.com

Water is also a symbol of movement, uniting different particles that come in contact with her.

Water ignites the seed of life. How could there be a flower without water?

Water purifies. It can wash away our fears, insecurities, anger, grief and sadness… after taking a bath or having a swim in the sea we feel much cleaner, happier and lighter.

Water soothes and calms the mind. It mimics the fetal state, feeling of completely nurtured and protected just like we did before birth, floating in the embryonic fluids of our mother’s womb.[1]

Furthermore, water nicely teaches us to surrender. When we allow water to hold and carry us or simply enjoying a shower or rain, we become freer, less rigid, we pause and feel water touching our skin... we let go of the need for control.


Water has played an important role in rituals and ceremonies of many religions and indigenous tribes. For example, indigenous tribes of Americas find water as a symbol of the power of life itself. They consider water the sacred centre of life, “the heart of all that is”.

Water is also a symbol of purification, protection and healing. The Hindu people consider the river Ganges an embodiment of the goddess Ganga, a symbol of life and a place where one can wash away spiritual impurities.

What does water mean to you?


Often we take water for granted. In most developed countries, supermarkets are full of bottled waters or when we shower we can enjoy as much water as we want. It’s always there and it seems to never run out. But it’s running out. Although I believe in nature’s intelligence to deal with anything humans test her with, we don’t need to test her too much… cause what if there would be no clean water left for the future generation?

And what if instead of the sea carrying our bodies there would be plastic? Would swimming in the plastic sea become the new “normal”?

This way I want to express my gratitude for all the waters in the world.

Our body consists up to 60% water (interestingly, brain is 75% water!). We are water. Without water there would be no life.

Please, lets care about our waters, keep them clean, and appreciate its essential role in our lives.


Love from Greece.