Day 1: Travelling: essential part of my soul

As I am looking out of the window, cloudy sky and dry leaves turning their colour into brown, (the autumn is coming?? So fast?? :) ), letting my mind wonder, I suddenly remembered that many shamans and fortune tellers told me I was a traveller.

More and more it makes a total sense – no wonder during my studies I was drawn to global history (ie. Economic and cultural connections between different continents) and world inequality and injustice. I travel to understand why the world is the way it is, making links between what I learned at school with the reality, talking with foreigners to know their point of view and opinions ranging from politics to yoga.

The older I am connections between my various passions (that on the first look might seem very unrelated) become clearer to me. Like if the path of life was getting brighter. Although I understand that someone not knowing me could object “Why did you study food security and history when you are a yoga teacher now? How is yoga related to food security?”

Let me explain briefly why I am not a historian but a yoga teacher (which is only a label that might not be necessarily adequate). When I was a teenager, I wanted to change the world (well, I still want, hehe), and I thought the best way to tackle the world injustice is through working in an international organization. I was ambitious and aimed for the UN. But later on, as I learned more about global governance and politics, my enthusiasm about working for the UN faded away especially because of its ambiguous impact. It’s a difficult task to put through good practices when there are so many different interests in play.

Anyway, I concluded that the first step to change the world comes from within of each individual. I’ve been on a journey of self-development for ten years, yoga and mindfulness for six years and have witnessed how it profoundly changed my understanding of the world and relating to the planet, other people and problems. That’s why I chose teaching yoga, lead yoga retreats and cacao ceremonies as my career right now, because I deeply believe positive personal transformation positively influences our community. Knowing oneself is necessary for healthy relationships and also for finding your purpose in life. So, when you flourish, the world around you flourishes with you. Why wasting your time in a job you hate?

That’s enough about my past :)



So, what is travelling for me at this very moment?

Travelling is mainly about the energy

The energy of flow… joy… synchronicity… miracles.

Travelling creates space for a magic after magic to happen.


I don’t travel in order to take pictures on “famous” places millions of tourists have taken before.

I don’t travel to check off places and countries.

I don’t travel according to travel guides.


I travel there where my soul takes me, to places that draw me energetically.

Or to see a very good friend.

I travel in order to learn about myself – to connect with my inner self.

I travel to give a space to my heart to be heard and followed.


This particular trip is interesting because of two reasons. First, I ended a job in my dream NGO (I was a coordinator of a film festival) because it was not 100% type of job for me. I love the message of the festival, I am totally aligned with it but coordinating such a big thing as the festival does not come naturally from me. I am a bit sad about it but also super excited as now I can fully follow my heart. Second, I approach the trip from the same strategy as when I was travelling in Central America – go with the flow, get recommendations from people about places and go there. But it was possible to do in Costa Rica and Nicaragua since I was there for 1 year, now I have just 2 weeks (but not a return ticket yet) :D Lets see how it goes.

I will keep you updated!

PS: Oh, I forgot to tell you where I am heading - it's Lyon, France, then my most favourite part of Spain - Andalucia (don't know where exactly yet) :)