Yoga: The story of my life


When looking back at my life, I see it as a succession of fulfilling my dreams. Dreams, that at first sight seem very hard or unrealistic to obtain, but with an open heart, determination, courage and positive mindset, I turn them into a reality. Now I recognize the important role yoga played in creating the life of my dreams and passions.

Beach yoga poses

My first dream of studying abroad came true when I was nineteen and began studying BA in History and Politics at the University of Warwick, in the UK. The university was fantastic but also very challenging. I experienced a lot of stress and constantly putting pressure on myself, especially because of the fear of not being good enough. 

How yoga changed my life

By coincidence life brought me to yoga and meditation.
One day I bumped into a flyer inviting for a meditation session to reduce exam stress. I went to the session and immediately fell in love with the idea of mindfulness - observing thoughts and letting them pass, not becoming trapped in stories of the ego. I left the session extremely relaxed and calm. A few months later I went to a yoga class hoping to find a cure for a broken heart. Again, I was astonished by how much relaxation, peace and feeling comfortable in my body one yoga class created. 

Since then I continued almost daily with yoga and meditation practice. Together with some coaching and self-development work, these practices have assisted me to tap into my highest potential and learning more about who I was. They have helped me to deal with stress and bring more fulfillment and joy into my life. I gradually realised that life was not only about getting the best marks and prestigious career. In fact, yoga and mindfulness have set me on the path of discovering my passions and following them, of slowing down, being more playful and not taking life so seriously.

Practices of yoga and mindfulness brought me onto the journey into the within. Ultimately, the more I felt connected with my body, the more I cared about what I put into my body, with what kind of thoughts I pollute my mind, or what impact my choices as a consumer have on the environment.

After graduating from Warwick, I pursued an MSc in Food security and sustainability from the Cardiff University. It was just a perfect combination of my passions for food, global justice, and the environment. I loved the studies but… There was a strong desire in me for more freedom, for discovering the world, for dedicating myself more to yoga and teaching it... The desire of sharing with others what four years of yoga practice taught me about myself and life.

I longed for more freedom and spontaneity and less planning.
I asked my heart where does it want me to go. The answer was to travel around Central America and start teaching yoga. 

Despite some initial fear based worries and doubts, I went for my dream. Because I let my heart guide me, I knew all was going to be ok. 

Relaxing, yoga and travelling

How I discovered my calling in Central America

I bought a one way ticket to Costa Rica and booked a Vinyasa yoga teacher training with Peter Kaaberbol at an astonishing place in the jungle with beautiful ocean views. 

From planned 6 months became 12 months. 

I was really living the dream - teaching yoga at retreat centres and studios right on the beach; volunteering at permaculture farms, directly experiencing and learning about sustainable forms of living. I was also living in a jungle, waking up with the howling monkeys, meditating during the sunrise, deeply connecting with my heart centre during cacao ceremonies and dancing under the full moon... Living in such beautiful places and being very much connected with the Mother Earth invited for various types of inner work such as meditations, sound healing, reiki, dancing, yoga, and breathing exercises.

Thanks to all this, I was getting closer to the voice of my true self, of my heart… 
Every day I was opening my heart more and more… opening it to new opportunities, people, love, abundance, nature, and ultimately to myself... 

Fortunately, the biggest heart opener was the “drink of gods” - cacao. Since the power and healing properties of cacao profoundly changed my life, I decided to bring it back with me to Europe and offer cacao ceremonies here.

How I can guide you to stillness and an open heart

One of the intentions for the trip was to come back to Europe when I discover my true calling, when I know how I could best serve the world. The moment came after a year. I returned  back to my homeland, the Czech Republic, to start working on my spirited driven business. 

I am helping mainly millennial women who are under a lot of stress and pressure from their jobs, partners and family. They desire to connect with their inner selves, to still the mind and listen to the heart’s calling. 

I guide my clients to achieve this result through a personalized holistic approach. In my sessions, I combine the practice of yoga, meditation (including dynamic meditation), reiki, coaching, and the medicine of cacao. I design personalized sessions specifically for my client’s needs to achieve desired results. 

So here I am - still on the track of following my dreams and heart calling. Despite them initially seeming a bit “crazy”, unrealistic, I go for them. What if they become true? And guess what, they do :) 

When I follow my heart, life is more joyful and more fun as opposed to being confined in the walls of fear. 

Do you long to open your heart and follow your callings/dreams but don’t know where  to start?