How I opened my heart and connected more with my intuition in Central America


Latin America has been my dream region to visit since I studied in Madrid. While living one year in Spain, latino culture became really close to my heart. After graduating from university, I had no commitments and so just went for my dream :)

Yoga for heart opening with Tereza Hausmanova

Yoga, a practice for opening the heart

The experience of yoga and meditation practice, and my life as such transformed and deepened during one year of travelling across Central America. 

There I was finally able to slow down and to relax. I mean, really relax, live fully in the present moment, appreciate the energy of the ocean and the sun while sinking my body deep into a relaxation in a hammock, not worrying about the future or the past. 

The path of opening my heart more than ever before started with a 200h Vinyasa yoga teacher training in Costa Rica which was a truly transformational experience. After that, I felt reborn, ready to create a new life… a life in which everything I aspired to achieve was possible.

Then the path took me to teaching yoga as a volunteer at retreat centres and permaculture farms, living in the jungle or very close to it, which helped me to connect more with my roots - the Earth. The Mother Earth helped me to ground myself, assisting me to find my true essence, my true self hidden under the layers of conditioning. It also helped me to connect on a deeper level with my life mission.

Stilling the mind to hear the heart calling

The calling that was more and more intensively coming up was to help others to live to their highest potential... To guide others on their way of connecting with their hearts and intuition, and stepping into their light while fearlessly following their dreams. There is no point in waiting until we feel more ready or when we finish XYZ, because such moment will never happen until only we find enough courage and tell ourselves “the time is now. I cannot wait anymore”. 

The feeling of “I cannot wait anymore” happened during the 11th month of being on the road. I felt like I didn't want to work on other’s people projects anymore, although I learned tons from that and am very much grateful for the experience. Instead, I had a really strong urge to put all my ideas, desires, and callings into an action. So I booked a flight ticket back to Prague with the dream in my mind of starting my own yoga project.

From my personal experience, when you reach the state of being able to hear your heart and follow it, life enters a totally new dimension. You experience so much joy and happiness. So much meaning. And ultimately, so much LOVE. Then you pause and ask yourself, how come I haven’t lived like this my whole life?

Such inner work could only happen thanks to a regular yoga and meditation practice and other self-discovery activities, courage to go deep inside me and having an open mind, safe and supportive environment among loving and inspiring people, eating fresh local food and breathing clean air, and having a close contact with nature. 

I connected more deeply with my light and chose to shine my light out. 

All these experiences, openings, revelations, and letting go changed me, shaped me in a new way. 

I am eternally grateful for them.