1-to-1 Yoga Sessions


Holistic body + mind approach to open your heart


Do you feel that you are just busy working and neglecting your health and well-being?

My mission is to help you improve your well-being and feel good about yourself, finding passion for life and experiencing a deep connection with your inner self.

In 1-1 sessions, I guide my clients through the practices of yoga, including physical postures, breathwork and meditation. I also add reiki and healing cacao when desired to deepen the connection with the self and immerse yourself in a profound state of relaxation.

A basic aim in doing yoga is to relieve suffering through clearer awareness and healthy actions.
— Mark Stephens, 2017

Yoga helps you to cultivate a flexible and strong body as well as to quieten the mind, resulting in living a life with more awareness - of yourself, your thoughts, actions, the environment around you, other people, etc. Ultimately, awareness is the key to change.

In particular, with greater body awareness, you are able to listen to the messages your body sends you. This will help you to release any tension and to come to a deep state of relaxation. A still body and mind allows you to connect with your heart and listen to its whispers. By living from the space of your heart, as opposed to the mind, you will experience the true flow of life and lightness of being.

This is for you if you want to...

Release tension from your body
Improve your body's flexibility and strength
Be able to manage stress gracefully

Feel more relaxed and centred
a continuous flow of new, fresh energy
Find the courage to step outside of your comfort zone and follow your heart
Find unconditional love for yourself
Improve your health and well-being

Every person is different. So let’s make achieving your desired results personal.

Whether you want to have a stronger and more flexible body, or mainly relax and quieten your busy mind, I will design sessions suitable for your current needs.

Let’s connect and explore how I can help you.


What you'll experience:

Yoga is not just an exercise, it takes you on a journey of awareness, conscious breathing and presence during which we deepen the connection with the body and mind.

Meditation is one part of yoga practice when you go inward and observe your thoughts and feelings. It is a space of no judgement. You become aware of what is going on and then let it go.

Pranayama (breath control), like other practices, helps to quieten the mind, creating a feeling of groundedness and inner peace. Conscious breathing helps us to stay fully present when moving through asanas. Bringing more oxygen into your body also improves blood circulation and concentration.

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes balance throughout the body, reducing stress and creating a state of complete relaxation.

Cacao is a superfood and heart opener that helps you to deeply connect with your inner self. 

What's included:

  • Introductory self-discovery questionnaire: this helps us check where you are and where you want to go as well as identifying your vision and goals.
  • Regular check-ins on progress: assessing and reflecting on your progress is essential in getting closer to your intentions and goals

  • Personalised guided meditations, yoga, breathing exercises, and other types of energy work that will be designed specifically for you to still the mind and connect with yourself

  • Healing cacao drink and reiki

  • Safe space for your personal transformation

  • Sessions are usually 1,5h long (can be longer or shorter if required)

  • Prices starting from 1000 CZK (depending on the length, frequency and content of sessions)

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