Life is like the ocean


Life is like the ocean



Rough waves suddenly changing into calmness

Never knowing what the next wave will bring


In some parts you can see clearly the depth of the ocean

In others its obscene


You need to respect the ocean and follow its rules

So you don’t get hurt

But there is also space for play and spontaneity  

Where you can unwind your inner child



Life is like surfing a wave

Sometimes you catch the wave and the ride is pretty awesome

You feel like you are having the best moment of your life

In other times, you lose it,

Patiently waiting for the next wave to come…

And you wait

You wait…


If you are impatient and you catch the wrong wave

You are in a trouble

Spinning underneath the water

Not knowing where the top or the bottom is


In such moment, only surrender can save you

Then, without any effort

The water brings you up

You are relieved that it’s not the end

Or maybe it is since there are many ends in life…

And you promise yourself you will never do it again


But sooner or later you do it again

You are caught in between the waves

Fighting to gain control over them


You were tempted to catch the wrong way

Because you are impatient

And it is hard to accept that life is unpredictable


But life is like that, my dear friend,

You never know which wave you are going to ride

So stay open

Keep your hope

And try to catch as many good waves as you can


Keep your heart open and trust the wave you are about to catch to take you on the best ride of your life


Love and sunshine to your hearts,