Yoga as a way of life

Yoga for stress relief with Tereza Hausmanova

Yoga gives me space
Space to be whoever I feel like in the moment
To be as I am
Without judgement
Without frustration
To be in love with myself
With my body
With my breath.
Yoga brings unity to the various parts of me
To my body, mind and spirit
To my thoughts and feelings
Some days the unity is stronger
Some days less so
But it does not really matter
And that is what matters.
Yoga helps me to let go
To let go of what I am fighting with
To let go of what I can’t let go
To let go of controlling what I can’t control.
Yoga reminds me that I am worthy
It gives me confidence
That I can do anything my heart desires
And so I do
I wander through this world
With my best intentions
With as much love as I can give to the world
And with endless gratitude that yoga crossed my life.
As such, yoga is not only a physical practice.
It is a philosophy
It is a spiritual practice
It is a guidance to the inner self
It is a way of life.