How yoga helped me to overcome self-doubt and feeling of not being good enough

Heart opening meditation

Limiting beliefs from my childhood

Since I was little, I struggled with the feeling of not being good enough. As a kid, I used to be always the girl who was rather quiet and thought that others are more popular, more beautiful, and have much more interesting things to say than me. At school and later at the uni, just before giving a presentation I experienced an anxiety pain in my stomach; or before speaking up in seminars, there was usually the voice of “is this gonna make sense what I want to say? Is it good enough? Will others laugh at me?”. Despite getting really good marks, I doubted myself and continued to feel I was not good enough. I was also under a lot of stress because of the pressure I put on myself.  I didn’t want to be like that but I didn’t know how to change it. 

The more I love myself, the more confident I am

It slowly began to change when I learned how to fully accept myself for who I was. Thanks to a regular yoga and meditation practice, the love for myself and my body, my personality, my uniqueness as well as my qualities and flaws began to deepen. The stress and pressure I put on myself were less and less frequent. Along with that, I became more confident about my opinions and what I have to say, realising that there are no good or wrong answers. I slowly learned to stand fully in my power. What’s more, when the mind gets still, the heart can be heard.

Now I talk with confidence and passion about the work I do. I don’t need approval from others about important decisions in my life because I know my heart is right. I don’t doubt myself as much as before. I am kind to myself. If there is something to improve, I acknowledge it and work on it, don’t beat myself up and spend hours of thinking about it and doubting myself. 

Yoga has helped me to to become aware that I am in charge of my energy and I am the only person who decides about where to direct it.

Now I know that it is only myself who decides about if I am good enough or not. It depends on the standards I set for myself. Sometimes just “being” is enough. So when I am, I am enough.

However, every day I am reminded that inner growth is a continuous, never-ending journey. 

So keep going, keep growing, my friends :)