Day 5: Coming from Malaga to Suryalila, a yoga retreat centre

In the early morning I left Malaga, a busy touristic city that did not charm me much. There are certainly many places that are lovely (like the old cathedral or castle) plus there are many cool museums – e.g. Picasso museum (btw. Malaga is Picasso’s home) but otherwise it’s not worthy to spend a lot of time there.

All by all, I had no expectations of this city, and surprisingly I had a really good time. It started at the airport when I was lucky and got a lift right to my hostel. In the hostel I met two Argentinian guys and a Chinese girl and we hanged out on the beach, drinking mate and doing some yoga (it totally reminded me of Nicaragua – sunset, mate, beach...). Did you know that there are certain rules to drinking mate? Eg. There is one server and you should not thank him when he passes you the mate, until you are finished with drinking. Or that you cannot move the straw and stir the mate (which for the first time I moved the straw hehe)



Now I am off to a yoga retreat place called Suryalila. I am looking forward to some zen time, yoga and great food. Vamos a ver como lo va :)

Overall, I am happy to be in Spain, one of those countries that feel like second home (together with the UK and Nicaragua). I had a flashback to 5-4 years ago when I spent one year in Madrid, time which was really really important for me. It changed me a lot. Without those experiences from my Erasmus, I wouldn’t be now there where I am.

Thank you. Namaste