Connect with your inner self.
Open your heart through yoga, meditation & healing cacao.


Hi, I am Tereza Hausmanová.

Dobrý den, jmenuji se Tereza Hausmanová. Informace v češtině najdete v pravém horním rohu (pod záložkou “česky”).


I am a yoga and meditation teacher and I work with people who are striving for a better connection with their inner self. In other words, they desire to feel more peace in the face of constant worry and stress, and gain greater clarity over the direction of their lives. 


Through yoga asanas (physical postures), conscious breathing together with mindfulness, reiki and the healing power of cacao, I will guide you in releasing tension from your body, relaxing your mind and opening your heart, so you can achieve fuller control over your life.


1-to-1 yogA


Group yoga

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the ‘now’ the primary focus of your life.
— Eckhart Tolle


Why connect with your heart?

  • To live every day with more awareness, presence and tranquility

  • To connect with your inner wisdom

  • Decisions become easier, life becomes effortless and peaceful

  • To invite more love and compassion into your relationships

  • To make the real impact you desire

Tereza’s calming and welcoming presence was appreciated by both. She was extremely present and focused on the both of us benefiting from every posture and ensured this by correcting us and offering alternatives as need be. The massage at the end of the class was unlike any other I have had during savasana. It was amazing! My whole body fell into an even deeper relaxation... Hands down one of the best yoga classes I have done!
— Jess Joe Fleet, Event Services

Are you ready to open your body, mind and heart?


When you reach the state of being able to hear the whispers of your heart and follow them, life enters a completely new dimension. You experience so much joy and happiness. So much meaning. And ultimately, so much LOVE. Then you pause and ask yourself, how come I haven’t lived like this my whole life?