About me

Tereza Hausmanova

Hi, I'm Tereza Hausmanova.

I am a yoga and meditation teacher originally from the Czech Republic and currently based in Prague.

I work with people who are yearning for a deeper connection with their inner self. In other words, they desire to experience more peace over worry and stress, and thus gain greater clarity over the direction of their life.

I am lucky to teach people how to connect with their inner wisdom. By guiding them through yoga asanas (physical postures), conscious breathing, mindfulness, reiki healing and the medicine of cacao, they are able to release tension from their body, relax their mind and open their heart.

When I am not with my clients or busy working on my yoga projects, you can find me exploring the world, being involved in food activism, writing my blog or dancing 5Rhythms.

I’m on the mission to help you open your heart, shine your light out and make the world a better place.

Story of my life

When looking back at my life, I see it as a succession of fulfilling my dreams.

Dreams that at first sight seemed very difficult or unrealistic, but with an open heart, determination, courage and a positive mindset, I turned them into a reality.

As a teenager, my dream was to study abroad and so it happened - I studied four years in Britain and one year in Madrid.

After graduating, my dream was to travel around Central America and to discover more about myself as well as seeing the world I was reading about in the classes of history and politics. I did that while teaching yoga and volunteering at permaculture farms for a year in Costa Rica and Nicaragua,  enjoying the lush jungle, wild ocean and magical volcanoes.

For about three years, my dream was to become a yoga teacher, to share with others the benefits of this ancient practice, the powerful transformation that happens when we go a little bit deeper into ourselves, start quieting the mind, listening to the body, and most importantly learning that when we open our hearts… life enters a completely new dimension.

Yoga and meditation have profoundly changed my life. I am sure they will change yours, too.


Yoga and meditation for women

Do you long to open your heart and follow your dreams but don’t know where to start? I'd love to help you!



  • Reiki healing level II, teacher Laura Rol Salazar

  • 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Lagocph (recognized by Yoga Alliance), Costa Rica (2016)

  • 30-hour professional course in Thai Yoga Massage, Lagocph, Anamaya, Costa Rica (2016)

  • Yoga workshops with Max Storm, Patrick Beach, etc.

  • 5day 5Rhythms workshop with Heera Sazevitch, InanItah, Nicaragua (2017)

My values and belieFs

  • The power of love to heal the wounds of the past, to bring more compassion and kindness to our lives, friendships and partnerships

  • Honesty, vulnerability, and authenticity over fear, doubts, and worry

  • The positive change in the world starts from within, from each individual

  • You are the creator of your life and should take full responsibility for it

  • You are what you think


Tereza Hausmanova Testimonial

Interesting facts about me


I am involved in food activism as a member of a community garden in Prague as well as a promoter of local, organic, and healthy foods. 


My dream is to write a book one day.


I am in love with Latin America, especially the ocean, the jungle, the people and cacao.


I lived in 5 different countries during the past 6 years - originally I am from the Czech Republic.